1. C

    Symptoms Of Autism Known To Improve During Fever (Increased Body Temperature)

    Ray Peat liked to talk about the significance of body temperature and how it can treat disease. The study was published in 2007 and the article in 2019. "Conclusions: We documented behavior change among children with autism spectrum disorders during...
  2. A

    What’s The Most Applicable Method For Reducing CRH Excess?

    Is there a way to reduce CRH overexpression?
  3. haidut

    Children With Autism Have High Serotonin Levels

    I posted a few studies on using anti-serotonin drugs (specifically 5-HT2 antagonists) as a potential treatment for autism. This study adds more weight to the evidence for causative role of serotonin in autism by finding out that children with autism have abnormally high blood serotonin levels...