1. Grapelander

    Ascorbate (Vitmamin C) And Heavy Metal Detoxification By Dr Russell Jaffe

    Ascorbate (Vitmamin C) and Heavy Metal Detoxification by Dr Russell Jaffe One gram of ascorbate will remove 10 micrograms of toxic metal. Most in US are exposed to 20 micrograms heavy metal per day. Ascorbate is synergistic with Magnesium & Zinc. Selenomethionine is able to complex directly with...
  2. haidut

    Vitamin C And Immuno-Oncology

    Just posting this to keep people aware that after mocking Linus Pauling for half a century mainstream medicine now seems eager to embrace his therapies of cancer using high-doe vitamin C. Unfortunately, it appears even staff writers at ScienceMag are unaware that therapies with vitamin C have...