artificial intelligence

  1. TruffleGnocchi

    Ray Peat and Forum trained AI?

    Would be cool if someone trained an "Artificial Intelligence" program with data from Ray Peat website and Ray Peat Forum. I think it could be interesting. Maybe an uncensored one would be appropriate
  2. A

    Dual use of artificial-intelligence-powered drug discovery This new paper is worrying but not surprising. It describes a recent effort to (mis)use computational drug design software (especially as applied to avoid compounds with predicted toxicity), flipping the signs to have the...
  3. BearWithMe

    This forum is a prime example of how modern government censorship works.

    Many people said this forum is "not what it used to be" and "it died down". It is true but not for the reasons you think. It is quite obvious why some government agencies might not like this forum. But straight out banning / blocking access to the website doesn't work. It only makes people more...
  4. Giraffe

    Human Augmentation - UK Ministry of Defence in Partnership with German Bundeswehr

    Klaus Schwab's sick dreams for the future can now be read in a publication of the UK Ministry of Defence. All transhuman stuff is included. Noteworthy are the scenarios on page 80 ff. One of them talks of a globalised world. A genetically modified virus has been released between 2020 and 2030...
  5. haidut

    The Fed - The Old Economy, As We Know It, Is Probably Gone

    If there was any doubt left that we are indeed in the middle of an unprecedented social and economic experiment/shift, and nothing about this pandemic is random or even natural - here are the comments from the Fed Chairman. They sound as if he just got off the phone with Mr. Klaus from the WEF...