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apple juice

  1. milk_lover

    RP Email Advice Comment: Fungal-Free Apple Juice

    When I asked him about apple juice, he said, "Apple juice is very good nutritionally, apart from the risk of the fungal contaminant." Anybody know how I can choose fungal-free apple juice?
  2. D

    Apple Juice

    I know Peat mainly recommends orange juice, and says that apple juice is often made from spoiled apples. But what is your experience with apple juice? Is the cloudy "non-filtered" or non-from-concentrate better than the clear/from-concentrate type?
  3. A

    UK Apple Juices

    Regarding Mittir's posts about apple juice, I just found a brand called Duskin's which is sold in Budgens in glass bottles. They say they don't sell to supermarkets though so it may be a local London thing. They do various, single variety juices - they do 35 different varieties. And taste...