1. V

    Parasite cleanse for ibs?

    Has anyone gone the route of trying to kill parasites for ibs, stuffy ears and nose, fatigue, diffuse thinning of hair, cold feet and anxiety? I have tried every diet approach and low carb helps but it's not enough. I have tried betain with no results, kolorex with tremendous worsening of...
  2. L

    Appendix May Have Important Function, New Research Suggests

    Appendix may have important function, new research suggests I actually suspect this to be true of every aspect of the human system. Current understanding of an organ or part might be incomplete leading to the belief it has no...
  3. dfspcc20

    Purpose Of Colon (inc. Appendix)

    From the Peat point of view, what is the purpose of the colon (large intestine)? Just to remove water and whatever nutrients the small intestine missed? The conventional view also lists one of its functions is to produce certain nutrients (namely vitamin K and some B vitamins), via...
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