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  1. J

    Apigenin experiences

    I've been interested in trying apigenin for it's anxiolytic effects, NMDA antagonist and GABAA agonist, but have been put off by the long half-life in rats (91.8h). How long do the cognitive effects of this supplement last? Any worries regarding accumulation?
  2. gilson dantas

    Guava And Cancer

    Guava contains an effective aromatase inhibitor, apigenin, according to R Peat; on the other hand, I read, other day, that guava leaf juice can be used in the treatment of prostate tumor; any of you know anything about it?
  3. David PS

    Food Sources For Apigenin And Naringenin

    I decided to try to obtain apigenin the old fashion way by eating vegetables and plants. I have attached a table of food sources below. Naringenin Here is a table for food sources for Naringenin. Phenol-Explorer: Showing all foods in which the polyphenol Naringenin is found Mexican oregano...
  4. Koveras

    Apigenin Increases Steroidogenesis

    "Previous studies reported that the age-related decline in testosterone biosynthesis is associated with a decrease in the steroidogenic acute regulatory (StAR) protein which regulates the rate-limiting step of testosterone biosynthesis. To explore the possibility of delaying this decline using a...
  5. Y

    Androgenic/anti-estrogen Herbs+spices And Scents?

    Are there any androgenic/anti-estrogen herbs+spices and scents?? I know Peat warns about some herbs+spices and scents/fragrances being estrogenic, so, are there any that are the opposite and are instead androgenic or anti-estrogen?
  6. N

    Study: Carbonic anhydrase inhib, full access?

    Eriocitrin and Apigenin as New Carbonic Anhydrase VA Inhibitors from a Virtual Screening of Calabrian Natural Products. ABSTRACT In this work, we performed a structure-based virtual screening against five carbonic anhydrase isoforms using, as a ligand library, natural components of Citrus...