1. gilson dantas

    Guava And Cancer

    Guava contains an effective aromatase inhibitor, apigenin, according to R Peat; on the other hand, I read, other day, that guava leaf juice can be used in the treatment of prostate tumor; any of you know anything about it?
  2. David PS

    Food Sources For Apigenin And Naringenin

    I decided to try to obtain apigenin the old fashion way by eating vegetables and plants. I have attached a table of food sources below. Naringenin Here is a table for food sources for Naringenin. Phenol-Explorer: Showing all foods in which the polyphenol Naringenin is found Mexican oregano...
  3. Koveras

    Apigenin Increases Steroidogenesis

    "Previous studies reported that the age-related decline in testosterone biosynthesis is associated with a decrease in the steroidogenic acute regulatory (StAR) protein which regulates the rate-limiting step of testosterone biosynthesis. To explore the possibility of delaying this decline using a...
  4. Y

    Androgenic/anti-estrogen Herbs+spices And Scents?

    Are there any androgenic/anti-estrogen herbs+spices and scents?? I know Peat warns about some herbs+spices and scents/fragrances being estrogenic, so, are there any that are the opposite and are instead androgenic or anti-estrogen?
  5. N

    Study: Carbonic anhydrase inhib, full access?

    Eriocitrin and Apigenin as New Carbonic Anhydrase VA Inhibitors from a Virtual Screening of Calabrian Natural Products. ABSTRACT In this work, we performed a structure-based virtual screening against five carbonic anhydrase isoforms using, as a ligand library, natural components of Citrus...