1. 3

    Antibiotic amoxycillin induced permanent fungal infection.

    6 months ago I took a course of amoxicillin. On the 5th day I started to have red itchy blotches on my penis. I suspect this is fungal balanitis? I tried applying coconut oil and red light to it religiously and it helped get rid of it, though as soon as I stopped itd come back. The infection...
  2. S

    Antibiotic Protocols for Best Results

    This seems kinda silly, but given I've never been to a doctor, I actually don't know how to take antibiotics! I've looked around the forum, and found no data on how you actually take them. I also found surprisingly little in other forums or blogs. I have found specific instructions for specific...
  3. A

    If your fish,bird or rat needs antibiotics. It will require prescription starting June 2023,Penicillin The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in June 2021 that all medically important antimicrobials for food-producing animals and pets will move from...
  4. haidut

    Inhibiting fatty acid synthesis reverses bacterial antibiotic resistance

    The topic of antibiotic resistant bacterial species is currently at the forefront of public health discussions globally. This global importance of antibiotic resistance was highlighted most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, when it was discovered that diabetic patients around the world had...
  5. Sherbert

    Which antibiotics that hospitals use are the safest or least dangerous for treating (aspiration) pneumonia?

    Which antibiotics that hospitals use are the safest or least dangerous for treating (aspiration) pneumonia? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks
  6. blackface

    Take the Parasite Pill!

    Its time for some schizo posting. @JamesGatz you can gladly join. I just stumbled upon this document called "Parasite Pill 2.0" which was mostly likely created on 4chan or somewhere in those circles. I think that RP community is very well knowledgable about bacteria, parasites and gut health...
  7. UG Krishnamurti


    I've been kind of following this guy, Prof. James Collins since he had some interesting perspective on antibiotics in a recent past. Eight years ago he was speaking about importance of sugar in antibiotic resistant bacteria. He said back than that using mannitol to carry the antibiotic substance...
  8. A

    Impact of eight widely consumed antibiotics on the growth and physiological profile of natural soil microbial communities Highlights Chloramphenicol, Gentamycin and Erythromycin were the most harmful antibiotics. Abstract Antibiotics’ (ATBs) occurrence in soil ecosystems has a relevant effect in the structure and functionality of edaphic...
  9. Outdoctrination

    Good antifungals?

    I am planning on doing penicillin vk for some gut issues, and have heard taking an antifungal alongside it will prevent a fungal overgrowth in the process. 1. is this true? 2. what are some good antifungals i could use? doses?
  10. D

    Long course of rifaxamin

    Theoretically speaking would there be any harm in taking month or multiple month long courses of rifaxamin? I had nearly perfect digestion after the first two week (550mg 3x day) course. But subsequent courses stopped working. anyone know anything about neomycin? Is it safe?
  11. haidut

    PUFA metabolites may drive bacterial infections and their resistance to antibiotics

    The study below demonstrates yet again that there is hardly an aspect of human health that PUFA does not influence in a detrimental manner, even seemingly non-metabolic aspects such as bacterial infections. As it turns out, most bacteria express the enzyme family known as lipoxygenases (LOX) and...
  12. DANIEL

    Penicillin VK and Activated Charcoal TOGETHER?

    Has anyone tried this? On an empty stomach ofc, downing the charcoal capsules then taking the penicillin
  13. DANIEL

    Question about Penicillin VK 500 mg!!!

    Just ordered Penicillin VK tablets 500 mg (250 mg was out of stock) from an online Mexican pharmacy. How many days does Peat/this forum recommend to spend on a course for my lab rats, and should my rat use multiple 500 mg tablets or just one per day on the course? And should the rat take it on...
  14. deliciousfruit

    alternative to white button mushroom

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but do other mushroom types (such as white cup mushrooms) work similarly as an antibiotic fiber like white button mushrooms? They are a lot cheaper where I live, many thanks.
  15. deliciousfruit

    potent natural antibiotic

    I wanted to try doxycycline for my IBS, but my practice is closed until next year so I can't get a prescription. I eat a daily raw carrot salad with acv + mct oil + salt, but it hasn't improved my symptoms. Are there any potent natural anitbiotics I could try in the meantime? Thanks in advance.
  16. haidut

    Vitamin D - The New Antibiotic Against Skin And Gut Infections

    A great new study demonstrating the crucial role of vitamin D in maintaining proper immune function. The study demonstrates that maintaining normal levels of vitamin D is strongly protective against gut infections by Salmonella-type bacteria. Interestingly, the authors claim that vitamin D is...
  17. haidut

    CamphoSal - Liquid Camphoric Acid + Salol

    As many readers know, Peat has written extensively on the benefits of antibiotics and on keeping the GI tract as free of bacteria as possible. Bacterial overgrowth in the colon alone is already a problem due to the production of endotoxin, but in hypothyroid people this bacterial overgrowth can...
  18. haidut

    Antibiotic Resistance May Be Driven By Pesticides Like RoundUp (glyphosate)

    I am sure most people on the forum have seen multiple news items on the topic of rapidly increasing antibiotic resistance of many bacterial strains causing the most common infections in both the general population and hospital patients. The official version is that this increasing resistance is...
  19. haidut

    SSRI Drugs Such As Prozac (fluoxetine) Cause Antibiotic Resistance

    If the accumulated evidence on the ineffectiveness and dangers (Massive Study Says SSRI Drugs Are BOTH Ineffective And Dangerous) of SSRI drugs was not already bad enough, now we can add causing antibiotic resistance to the list. The study below found that exposure of E. coli to the SSRI drug...
  20. P

    Anabolic ,DHT Supporting Effect Of Doxycycline In Osteoblasts

    Lol sorry , couldn't find better tittle for this. Probably low, nonantibacterial dose of doxycycline is what we need for these effects. Like 20-40mg a day. Antioxidant Response of Osteoblasts to Doxycycline in an Inflammatory Model Induced by C-reactive Protein and Interleukin-6 Objectives...
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