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  1. Androsclerosis

    Anabolism all the time = more dreams. Why?

    Sincer started eating 500g+ carbs a day, a meal every 2 hours I started sleeping way deeper but at the same time I always have vivid dreams. I don't wake up tired but I would like to know why it happens. I remember when I was not peating, dreams were very rare. I think that my mind was on low...
  2. Androsclerosis

    Should we eat when hungry or it's better to eat every 2 hours for anabolism?

    As you know, overeating can cause endotoxin and I am thinking if it's fine to eat every 2 hours to keep anabolism up even if hunger is absent. I did that and I became more bloated but I didn't gain any weight. I also ate when hungry for a week and I felt like my sleep quality was not that great...
  3. haidut

    DHT restores anabolism / vitality / sexuality even in 90+ y.o. males

    A great study, a true blast from the (better) past, when androgenic steroids and especially DHT were not considered the devil reincarnate, but were commonly used for all types of ailments, including the broad physiological and psychological symptoms of aging such as sarcopenia (muscle loss)...
  4. ScurveDream

    Muscles & Health: Overview, Theories, Development, Etc

    So it seems some here have attacked Peat's general ideologies in respect to "muscle gainz" in a way -- i.e. some here discredit him because "his diet" doesn't necessarily encourage significant muscle growth in all (although I'd say here that almost no "diet" per se does this magically for...
  5. haidut

    Estrogen Is NOT Needed For Muscle / Bone Growth And Anabolism

    I have had my eye on posting this study for at least 3 years now but something more important always came up, so I kept putting it off. However, the recent thread posted on the forum about how estrogen is "essential" for health convinced me it is way overdue that I post something on this topic...