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  1. AlphaCog

    The Combined Effect of Caffeine and Ornithine on the Mood of Healthy Office Workers

    Abstract Caffeine is widely consumed and well known for stimulating the central nervous system. When developing new foods and beverages that contain caffeine, it is important to explore the potential synergistic effects of consuming amino acids and other food ingredients with caffeine on humans...
  2. A

    Low aspartic acid and aspartame consumption? Blood test reveals strange info....testosterone?

    I tested the amino acids in my blood to see if my BCAA were high. It is a Quest test, run through a 3rd party site. There was some confusion, and when I showed up the blood tech indicated I should have had an overnight fast, even though the site claimed 4 hours was sufficient. Since I had...
  3. Sherbert

    Is nutricost an ok brand (for getting bulk aminos)? if not what is? thnx

    is nutricost an ok brand (for getting bulk aminos)? if not what is? thnx
  4. FitnessMike

    What amino acids are depleted the most when hypothyroid ?

    I have some positive effect from supplementing tautine, mainy i havent got blood sugar lows after sugary things like fruit/honey, also seems that im able to store more glycogen. I read in one threads in here that hypothyroidism?stress? depletes taurine, so it raises question if it potentially...
  5. Vinero

    Warning To People Taking Lysine

    I started taking the amino acid l-lysine 2 years ago because I read it reduces anxiety, lowers serotonin, and lowers nitric oxide. It made me feel quite calm and happy when I began taking it, and it seemed to have no negative side effects whatsoever. I took about 6 grams daily, which is the...
  6. haidut

    Life's First Molecule Was A Protein, Not DNA Or RNA

    I posted a few studied in the past that argued for the primal role of RNA (and not DNA) in evolution. Not The "selfish Gene"(DNA), But RNA Be The Driver Of Evolution The geneticists like to claim that DNA still rules supreme because it was the primordial molecule that started life and its...
  7. E

    Why Does Lysine Give Me A Headache?

    When I begin to take lysine or increase my dosage, I get a headache. At first it's a mild headache all over and then it settles into one side of my sinuses, and not always the same side. Is this just the nature of beginning lysine? Or is something out of balance? Judging on past but brief...
  8. natedawggh

    Lysine Increases My Muscle Mass

    Last year when I was losing weight and fixing my health, I experienced an effortless increase in my muscle mass. I've still maintained an appreciable amount but, in spite of finally adding strength training, noticed the muscle wasn't coming as easily as it had before. A few weeks ago I decided...
  9. Aleksandr

    Well Rounded Protein Intake?

    So I haven't looked into protein in depth before so maybe someone with more knowledge can help me. If you have milk, potatoes (a few times a week) and collagen/gelatin powder (1-2 tbspn a day) - is this well rounded adequate protein intake from a peat perspective? I have a low heart rate...
  10. johnwester130

    L-Lysine Orotate Vs Normal Lysine

    What is the difference ? Which is better ?
  11. B

    Searching For L-theanine

    Hello there, I am searching for l-theanine and glycine powders with high purity. I stumbled over products with this certificates: ... 062015.pdf ... 062015.pdf Would you think they are of good quality ?
  12. Nicholas

    Doesn't This Ray Peat Quote Apply To Taurine?

    "Even if free amino acids could be produced industrially without introducing toxins and allergens, they wouldn't be appropriate for nutritional use. Although some research shows that babies up to the age of 18 months can assimilate free amino acids, a baby formula containing hydrolyzed protein...
  13. Nicholas

    Conditionally Essential Amino Acids: Glycine And Arginine

    regarding Lysine overdosage: "A Lys-related drop in serum concentration and an increase in urine excretion of chlorides was a compensatory reaction to the ingested hydrochloride. No functional, biochemical, or histological changes in renal function...
  14. Z

    Taurine: At High Doses, Could It Become Anxiogenic Instead Of Anxiolytic?

    Taurine (together with other things that are generally pro-GABA, anti-glutamate) has been mildly helpful to me in terms of nervous system agitation and insomnia. But I was reluctant to experiment with dosages higher than a gram or so until I discovered how far some of you are going with it...
  15. Makrosky

    Do you guys think Taurine and Glycine use can cause GABA receptors downregulation?

    Hey fellas, I'm using Glycine, Taurine and Lysine at a dose of 3:2:2 grams x day each. More or less. Some days I change the ratios to see what happens. They indeed work. But I was wondering... Do you think they can down regulate GABA receptors ? Like, they create tolerance or withdrawal or...
  16. Nicholas

    Taurine & Histamine

    Does anyone know if taurine could increase histamine?
  17. natedawggh

    Best Casein Powder Ever

    I just got my first order of Casein from Naked Protein. IT. IS. AMAZING. It tastes so good. There are no additives. It comes from good dairy (and they whey is from grass fed, so it has a lower tryptophan profile!). I highly recommend it. ... ein-powder...
  18. Nicholas

    Crazy [ Taurine Experience ]

    Food balancing only went so far. eventually i got interested in taking Taurine. I decided to take very low dose (500mg/every other day). it took me two weeks to realize that it was seriously helping me. this may be super simplistic way of describing, but it's like i'm no longer a crazy...
  19. natedawggh

    Lysine: Depression, Skin, Weight, Libido

    I thought I would post some more of my experience with Lysine. I have been taking it on and off for about the last six months. I usually take 500mg in the morning and 500 at night. Lysine competes with tryptophan in the body, and so it also reduces serotonin and nitric oxide. Reducing those...
  20. T

    Glycine Dosage

    Ray peat seems to like glycine. So i purchased some Now brand tmg and the recommended dosage is 3 grams once or twice a day. Does that seem OK? Will that amount interfere or unbalance ?
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