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alzheimer disease

  1. Mauritio

    Bromocriptine helps with Alzheimers

    Not surpsing, but cool that it's beeing researched. I suspect it's not just its D2 agonism, but also its Endotoxin / TLR4-antagonism. "Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disease, which lacks disease-modifying therapeutics so far. Studies have shown that the...
  2. F

    Amyloid plaque theory of Alzheimers based on fraudulent data

    https://archive.ph/xeegP “The key theory of what causes Alzheimer’s disease may be based on ‘manipulated’ data which has misdirected dementia research for 16 years – potentially wasting billions of pounds – a major investigation suggests.” - Daily Telegraph
  3. Sefton10

    Mitochondrial Calcium: Effects of Its Imbalance in Disease

    Mitochondrial Calcium: Effects of Its Imbalance in Disease https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3921/11/5/801/htm
  4. A

    Niacin receptor agonists may prevent the progression of Alzheimer’s disease

    The niacin receptor HCAR2 modulates microglial response and limits disease progression in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease Abstract Increased dietary intake of niacin has been correlated with reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Niacin serves as a high-affinity ligand for the receptor...
  5. haidut

    Alzheimer's patients have lower metabolic rate and higher fatty acid oxidation

    Just a quick post in regards to a study that found the drug donepezil - commonly used to "treat" Alzheimer's Disease (AD) - may improve mitochondrial function in muscles. While the findings of the study in regards to donepezil are debatable and not particularly interesting, buried inside the...