1. cs3000

    Aluminium at "tolerable" human intakes causes gut inflammation & colon damage, higher doses ulcerative colitis, lower doses gut pain

    Yesterday i noticed dark grey residue on a pan again after scouring with a metal pad & cleaning it with some kitchen tissue. This stuff is likely Aluminium , which is damaging in the gut >10mg, & brain...
  2. cs3000

    Naringin - impact on behavioral measures in mice (nitrate/nitric oxide, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, activity, cognition, antioxidant) - Repeated treatment with naringin produced increased locomotor activity, - Demonstrated antidepressant-like effects evidenced by decreased immobility time in forced swim test and increased % social preference in the social...
  3. cs3000

    Have people here successfully chelated heavy metals to get lasting improvements?

    If you did this successfully following a protocol: 1. What was the issue(s) chelating solved and how big were the improvements? 2. What strategy did you use to successfully chelate? and how long did it take you to notice improvements? 3. What were your blood work / hair / nail levels of the...
  4. BearWithMe

    Don't use the natural crystal deodorant stone. That s**t is 25% aluminium

    Yes, it is natural. But it is also made of aluminium, potassium and sulfate in 1 : 1 : 2 ratio. Which is waaaaaaay more aluminium than you usually find in regular deodorant formulas.
  5. Grapelander

    Using Silica Water (Fiji Water) to Remove Aluminum

    I just bought Dennis Crouse book "Prevent Alzheimer's Autism, and Stroke" after watching his video on removing aluminum with silica water. Also just got my first aluminum free coffee-maker BUNN 55200 CSB3T. I have not used BUNN since I worked in office - it really makes a great tasting coffee.
  6. Mate Straw

    Hi guys,i was looking for a "less toxic" yerba mate straw,the only materials that i can find right now are; 1.aluminium 2.non magnetic stainless steal(the nickel based i think) and i was wondering which is less toxic to use nearly everyday(im from argentina and we drink a lot of this). thanks!
  7. M

    The Health Impact Of Today's Most Prevalent Environmental Toxin

    TROUBLING RESEARCH REVEALED AT 12TH KEELE CONFERENCE ON ALUMINUM Every other year, for more than two decades, a small group of 70 or so scientists have been meeting at different locales across the globe to discuss their speciality: aluminum and its effects on living things. The science of a...
  8. Morning Star

    Dietary Aluminum Intake

    The other day I checked the label on the salt which we use at the restaurant I work in and discovered it contained sodium aluminosilicate, an anti-caking agent.I scoured the web searching for other unexpected routes of exposure and must now conclude that virtually every processed food available...
  9. haidut

    Aluminium And Its Likely Causative Role In Alzheimer Disease

    Ray has written about the dangers of heavy metal accumulation. Aluminium is in many medical products such as anti-acids, anti-perspirants, vaccines, antiseptics, etc. It is amazing in how many household products for both external and internal use contain this toxic metal and very few people are...
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