1. haidut

    Babies Are Altruistic, Even To Their Own Detriment

    A great study that raises serious questions about the validity of currently dominant theories a-la "Selfish Gene" about human nature/character, as well as the sanity of proponents of such theories (I am looking at you Richard Dawkins). As the study demonstrates, human babies at the tender age of...
  2. haidut

    Plants Recognize Their Own Relatives And Are Kind And Altruistic To Them

    Yet another study that throws into doubt that idea that we, humans, possess unique qualities not seen in any other life form. Apparently, the ability to love our relatives does not require a nervous system and plants are just as capable as us (and maybe be more so) of restraining their selfish...
  3. haidut

    Altruistic People More Likely To End Up With Depression

    This study is very interesting because it explains a bit of the "paradox" observed numerous times in medical and psychology professions. Namely, altruistic and caring people in those professions have an abnormally high rate of depression and suicide compared to their more normal (read: selfish)...
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