1. BlackMolasses

    Look for an alternative to coffee

    Coffee improves my well-being, but everything containing it has risen excessively in price in these times. I have tried nicotine with success, but nicotine gum is boring to consume. I live in a communist dictatorship so snus is illegal for some reason, cigarettes are legal but I don't want to...
  2. Hans

    One of the best TRT alternatives (natural potent stack)

    Going on TRT can be a challenging decision. How long are you going to be on? How are you going to get off? Do you want to get off? What about fertility, risks, success rate, etc? I'm not trying to say TRT shouldn't be an option, but want to give an alternative. Fixing hypogonadism naturally is...
  3. M

    Alternative News Sources?

    Can anyone recommend some good, critical, alternative news sources online? Particularly with a UK focus, perhaps? I've been looking at Unz Review, which has some good stuff (and some really rotten, off-putting stuff). But at least there are articles with perspectives you'd never encounter on...
  4. S

    Shampoo Alternative

    I read some threads on the subject, but nothing quite as conclusive. What alternatives to shampoo do you use? Do you think a coconut soap / organic olive oil would be a good alternative (especially to prevent hair loss)? Lately I have been using baby shampoo and rinsing with vinegar and salt.
  5. haidut

    Simple Copper Complexes Are A Powerful Alternative To Antibiotics

    The anti-bacterial effects of some metals have been known for millenia. Silver, Gold, copper and even nickel have been used by many ancient civilizations to sterilize water or even disinfect wounds. Of these metals, copper has been getting some renewed attention lately due to its ability to...
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