1. J

    Betaine HCL with Multivitamin

    Anyone know if I can combine the Betaine HCL with my multivitamin during lunch or dinner? I noticed I do not digest the vitamin pills completely. Will a multivitamin lessen the acidic effect since it may contain calcium and other alkaline vitamins? Thanks in advance.
  2. D

    Confused About Acid/Alkaline Balance

    My understanding is that we should be eating foods that are rich in alkaline minerals and low in acidic minerals but at the same time I see recommendations for Colas, Apple cider vinegar, aspirin, ascorbic acid etc and they're all highly acidic. Too much alkaline supposedly neutralises the PH of...
  3. burtlancast

    Alkalinity Vs Acidity 2012, KMUD : The Herb Doctors

    Transcribed by treelady Download link for the MP3: ... ritalk.mp3
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