air conditioning

  1. JamesGatz

    Natural ways to stay cool - Ceiling fans raise serotonin and air conditioners put toxic coolant in the air

    I am hoping we can have a discussion on natural ways to stay cool - Ceiling fans and fans in general shoot up my serotonin insanely high - I am really not sure why it happens but they are really irritating to be around - apparently fans kill plants because wind raises stress so I imagine...
  2. haidut

    Asthma Can Be Caused By Endotoxin (LPS). From Air Filters

    Not a clickbait title but the actual (and fascinating) findings of several studies. I think the biggest find here is that endotoxin (LPS) can directly cause asthma and exacerbate already existing asthma. To my knowledge, while mainstream medicine does admit that asthma is an inflammatory...
  3. noqcks

    Air Conditioning’s Health Effects?

    I’ve heard reports of Air Conditioning causing things like rhinitis, fatigue, headaches, etc. Does anyone have first hand experience with this? It’s quite hot in my city right now and I’m using an AC unit. I’ve noticed that the lining of my nose seems a little inflamed.