1. LA

    Dimon says AI will enable a 3.5-day workweek

    JPMorgan boss Jamie Dimon says AI will enable a 3.5-day workweek as he reveals the technology is 'already doing all the equity hedging' for his bank JPMorgan head honcho Jamie Dimon said that AI is an integral part of his firm and will likely eventually shorten the work week to 3.5 days...
  2. TruffleGnocchi

    Ray Peat and Forum trained AI?

    Would be cool if someone trained an "Artificial Intelligence" program with data from Ray Peat website and Ray Peat Forum. I think it could be interesting. Maybe an uncensored one would be appropriate
  3. T

    AI generates images from our brains

    Granted, this is from VICE but this is super weird. I'm of the belief that once technology is released to the public, it's been used a long time by the powers that be and this seems no different...
  4. T

    I asked AI technology about cancer...

    I have limited access to some AI technology that has the ability to read and analyse thousands of studies within seconds and give me a response based on what it has learnt. I'm not an expert in biology or anything and I'm mainly here to learn how I can help treat my dog with transitional cell...
  5. A

    If estrogen is a paracrine hormone, how do we lower it?

    I know that Aromatase Inhibitors (AI) lower estrogen in serum, but how do we lower the overall estrogenic activity if estrogen is a paracrine hormone?
  6. Gûs80

    Could aromatase inhibitors be useful in autoimmune diseases?

    Dr Ray Peat mentions in some articles that the cause of autoimmune diseases is high estrogen. Considering this, has anyone seen benefits from using a pharmaceutical aromatase inhibitor? I have a positive ANA marker for Lupus/Sjogren's, and even though it's low, I have several of the symptoms of...
  7. A

    Dual use of artificial-intelligence-powered drug discovery This new paper is worrying but not surprising. It describes a recent effort to (mis)use computational drug design software (especially as applied to avoid compounds with predicted toxicity), flipping the signs to have the...
  8. Drareg

    Analog computers making a comeback?

    Many of you will already know Peats thoughts on analog, its closer to how we function as humans than digital, it turns out big tech are starting to realise this now, AI works better with analog, this video is worth your time, this guys channel isn't bad, he's a bit "mainstreamy". I think in the...
  9. P

    Estrogen and SERMs - Post SERM Syndrome?

    Could the SERMs I took two years ago after taking steroids permanently crash my E2? I simultaneously have high and very low E2 symptoms combined after I took Nolvadex in a PCT. Testicles hang very high and gyno is as puffy as ever and half-working penis for a few years now. When I started...
  10. haidut

    The Fed - The Old Economy, As We Know It, Is Probably Gone

    If there was any doubt left that we are indeed in the middle of an unprecedented social and economic experiment/shift, and nothing about this pandemic is random or even natural - here are the comments from the Fed Chairman. They sound as if he just got off the phone with Mr. Klaus from the WEF...
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