adrenal fatigue

  1. thingsvarious

    Adrenal fatigue: Best methods to increase cortisol naturally

    Hey, I am a final year medical student. For years I had incredibly fatigue and other low-cortisol issues. After doing a LOT of research, I collected a list of methods we can try to raise our cortisol naturally and therefore to help get rid of HPA-dysfunction. I share this here because I am sure...
  2. thingsvarious

    Each Hormone Deficiency Is Associated With A Distinct Kind Of Fatigue. I Had Them All

    Hello, I am a medical student in my last year. For a few years I have been replacing all of my major hormones (see here) and I have been both high and low in many different constellations. From all this I learned 2 things. Each hormone deficiency can cause chronic fatigue. Each hormone...
  3. Twohandsondeck

    "Adrenal Recovery Soup," *also Testing Adrenal Fatigue Using Pupil Dilation

    Hey, just tried this stuff. Works great, very refreshing. Admittedly I replaced the tomato juice with more chicken broth and omitted the celery because they weren't in stock at the store. The zucchini was mush and the green beans were very soft which makes a big difference in digestion...
  4. J

    Adrenal Fatigue Real Or Fake?

    How important are our adrenal glands to energy production truly? Come across so many articles which mention their significance. It seems as if Peat strongly disagrees with that notion. I know the guy is unparalleled in terms of knowledge but what are some other opinions on this matter?