1. haidut

    Lactate is a key driver of diabetes/obesity, by promoting inflammation

    A great study, demonstrating that in diabetes (just as in cancer) the so-called Warburg Effect (aerobic glycolysis) is as much a cause of those degenerative conditions as it is an effect of. The study below demonstrated that increased intracellular lactate results in robust increase in systemic...
  2. Recoen

    Metabolic Acidosis - Anion Vs Non Anion Gap

    Interesting about the salicylate acid leading to anion gap metabolic acidosis. Of course lactate, -ols, and iron does too. He says CAI can cause non-anion gap acidosis this seems contrary to the research- take B1 for example.
  3. haidut

    Lactate Is An Oncometabolite (promotes Cancer), No Genes/mutations Needed

    It has now been more than 5 years since a seminal post/discussion on Reddit raised the question publicly of whether the dominant medical theory on cancer may actually be nothing but an elaborate fraud. Namely, a study that spurred the Reddit discussion demonstrated that that the so-called...
  4. haidut

    Acidosis (Warburg Effect) Drives Cancer Through Increased Fat Oxidation (Randle Cycle)

    The evidence continues to pile on that naming the (in)famous observation made by Otto Warburg in regards to cancer an "effect" is one of the most profound falsehoods the medical profession has ever concocted. Almost a century after the Warburg "Effect" term was coined, the evidence rapidly...
  5. haidut

    Baking Soda May Treat Cancer, Metformin May Cause It

    As many readers know, using baking soda to treat cancer has been labelled as "quack medicine" by many official mouthpieces of mainstream medicine, as well as by several "watchdog" groups. Here are some links "debunking" the usage of baking soda for cancer...
  6. Amazoniac

    Excess Magnesium Chloride Intake Causes Frank Acidosis

    The experiment below confirms what was suspected for a long time. Skip to the link if you're not interested in poetry. It's nothing to do with clearing your throat or scraping your shoes on the floor as a substitute for 'excuse me' to the person blocking your way. It was used 25 g of MgCl2...
  7. P

    Brain PH And Lactic Acidosis: Quantitative Analysis Of Taurine Effect Abstract A quantitative analysis of taurine effect (facilitation of acid handling capacity of brain in response to anoxia/hypoxia by high levels of cytosolic taurine) was performed utilizing multinuclear (1H, 31P) in vivo nuclear magnetic resonance...
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