acid reflux

  1. A

    Throat Tightness For Months

    I have been struggling with throat tightness for about 3 months now, since March 9th. It all started the day after eating some Kitfo, injera and shiro-wot at an Ethiopian restaurant in my city. Of course, Ethiopian cuisine has lots of spices and is generally spicy food, but because this place...
  2. techmo

    Is banana causing canker sore or something?

    I suffer from canker sore, those white sores my whole life, in certain periods they occur in others not The probable causes are: - reflux problems, I've had reflux my whole life, when I let acid get into my mouth, the dentist warned me that it can cause - I get distracted easily because I have...
  3. T

    GERD , drowning in saliva and breathless

    I have unbearable GERD which is producing a pressure in my stomach/esophagal region and leading me to have to make myself belch loudly to try and let it out. Its impacting my voice, I have saliva flowing out of my mouth 24/7 like a fountain and it's making me feel breathless. I never...
  4. lvysaur

    Poll: Heartburn (acid Reflux) And Blood Types

    Please vote if you know your blood type. I'm curious about this because my thinking is that heartburn is due to low stomach acid. Low stomach acid = bacteria on the food is not killed quickly enough = fermentation occurs = acid reflux. As many know, blood types are related to stomach acidity.
  5. charlie

    SIBO, GERD, LPR, IBS, & Colitis Could Be Vitamin B3 Deficiency - "Niacin Treats Digestive Problems"

    "Many digestive problems such as bloating, abdominal distention or pain, heartburn and belching are caused by a lack of stomach acid (hypochlorhydria) which can be traced to a lack of niacin. An adequate output of stomach acid is required in order to prevent fungal and bacterial overgrowth in...
  6. haidut

    GERD Drugs (PPI) Cause Esophageal Cancer - The Very Disease They Should Prevent

    Forum users who follow my posts have probably noticed the number of threads I have posted exposing the fraud and ineffectiveness of the PPI drugs commonly prescribed for GERD. Another user who likely shares my passion against the PPI is @aguilaroja who will likely find the study sadly...
  7. haidut

    Acid Reflux (GERD) Drugs (PPI) Increase Risk Of Early Death

    I posted a few studies in the past in regard to the PPI class fo drugs causing kidney failure, stroke, steroid synthesis inhibition and even cancer. Now this study links these drugs to an increased risk of premature death. Keeping in mind the PPI class of drugs are probably the most widely...
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