acid-base balance

  1. yerrag

    Does Anyone Have References that Validate the Use of Urine pH as a Proxy for Blood/ECF pH?

    For a while now, I've been taking urine pH using pH test strips and using the pH readings as basis to determine how close my blood/ecf pH is to optimal ecf pH, which is 7.4. As used by naturopathic doctors, optimal urine pH is 6.5 -6.8. I think this has been accepted by many in the forum...
  2. Recoen

    Metabolic Acidosis - Anion Vs Non Anion Gap

    Interesting about the salicylate acid leading to anion gap metabolic acidosis. Of course lactate, -ols, and iron does too. He says CAI can cause non-anion gap acidosis this seems contrary to the research- take B1 for example.
  3. Evgenij

    Acids Regulate Metabolism, Not Alkalis

    I found a Ukrainian post and translated (with Google) the interesting part: Carbonates of soda [HCO3 and CO2)] are conventionally alkaline bases, that is, they are alkaline in a glass of water, and in our body they are easily "exchanged" and become not alkali, but carbonic acid (H2CO3)...
  4. yerrag

    Urine PH And Acid-Base Balance And Monitoring It With Urine PH Test Strips

    If the kidneys excrete acid when the blood/ECF is acidic, and excrete base when it is alkaline, and if the urine that comes out reflects that, would the sole use of urine pH test strips be a cost-effective way to monitor the state of our body's acid-base balance? I noticed when I gave my mom...
  5. P

    Roles Of Interstitial Fluid PH In Diabetes Mellitus: Glycolysis And Mitochondrial Function

    Roles of interstitial fluid pH in diabetes mellitus: Glycolysis and mitochondrial function
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