1. Barbarossa

    Acetazolamide made the difference!! Acth, Cortisol

    hello guys, I take Acetazolamide in the night 250 mg max, I can breathe better my mind is clearer and I am more calm. What is the mechanism of High Cortisol or ACTH blocking normal breathing pattern? Chemoreceptors blocked by high cortisol? please I need answers, thank you guys.
  2. Barbarossa

    Biotin and Acetazolamide for Treatment of an Unusual Child With Autism Plus Lack of Nail and Hair Growth

    Biotin and Acetazolamide for Treatment of an Unusual Child With Autism Plus Lack of Nail and Hair Growth Conclusions: The combination of biotin and acetazolamide treatment was successful in restoring normal mental function and school performance. Poor...
  3. Mauritio

    Acetazolamide inhibits urinary bladder cancers

    "Carbonic anhydrases (CAs) play an important role in maintaining pH homeostasis. We previously demonstrated that overexpression of CA2 was associated with invasion and progression of urothelial carcinoma (UC) in humans. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the effects of the CA...
  4. Mr Joe

    Fraud Case Report : Hydrocortisone + Acetazolamide

    I am trying to dig Dr. Peat mention of Acetazolamide to help retain CO2. I've found a recent article : "We report a novel presentation of deficit in anterior pituitary function with variable immune deficiency (DAVID) syndrome in a healthy young girl presenting in Addisonian crisis with raised...
  5. Mauritio

    Carbonic anhydrase II as a biomarker for vascular calcification

    "Several other synthetic estrogenic substances, ethynylestradiol, lindane, PCBs, cause eggshell thinning, partly by altering carbonic anhydrase activity (Holm, et al, 2006). Estrogen and serotonin activate carbonic anhydrase in some tissues, progesterone tends to inhibit it." -Ray Peat Peat has...
  6. A

    Is carbonic anhydrase inhibition useful as a complementary therapy of Covid-19 infection?

    The ongoing Covid-19 is a contagious disease, and it is characterised by different symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Rising concerns about Covid-19 have severely affected the healthcare system in all countries as the Covid-19 outbreak has developed at a rapid rate all...
  7. tankasnowgod

    Case studies using Acetazolamide and Bicarbonate Simultaneously

    I have been interested in Acetazolamide for a while now, and have used it off and on. It certainly has an instant diuretic effect when first using it, but that effect seems to wane pretty quickly. As such, it has seemed to only be useful occasional doses. One of the things I have always...
  8. haidut

    Achilles heel of cancer discovered - its lack of CO2

    Several years ago I posted about a study demonstrating that an Achilles heel of cancer had been found - i.e. its addiction to fat (not glucose, as doctors and media continue to mindlessly parrot)...
  9. llian

    Brain Cancer stage 4 glioblastoma giant cells. What options are available?

    This is about a family member. She is 56yo. This morning she was diagnosed with head cancer... doctors gave her a short term to live. They want to put her on chemotherapy. What can i do for her ? Is there any way possible to reverse this ? @haidut @mrchibbs @Tarmander
  10. ecstatichamster

    Acetazolomide Good For Flu Related Chest Tightness?

    I am taking 3000 mg of thiamine a day to increase increase CO2. I have acetazolamide. Im thinking of taking one. I’m doing bag breathing and that is very helpful taking cyproheptadine Lisuride Methylene blue Niacinamide Thiamine Hcl also thoughts on famotide which has some of the same effects ?
  11. tankasnowgod

    Case Study: Low Dose Acetazolamide Leads To Weight Loss

    I've been more interested in the relationship between CO2, Carbonic Anhydrase, and weight recently. I have been wondering if there was any relationship between the use of Acetazolamide/Diamox and Weight Loss. Didn't see too much either in testimonials or in studies, so this recent published...
  12. haidut

    Carbonic Anhydrase Is A Key Driver Of Aging; Inhibiting It Is Beneficial

    In support of Ray's views of CO2 as one of the main factors in mitochondrial biogenesis and health, and as such in a host of health conditions, this study found that carbonic anhydrase levels are higher and the enzyme itself is more active in both aging and degenerative conditions. Inhibiting...
  13. ReneeAnn

    Acetazolamide As A Diuretic?

    Hi! I'm new to RP, but loving what I'm learning. I started at the first Danny Roddy podcast and am about 2/3 of the way through and learning so much! My husband has high blood pressure and is on Amlodipine Besylate/Benazepril HCL 5-40 mg and Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg as a diuretic. Hadiut said...
  14. haidut

    Thiamine Is A Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor As Effective As Acetazolamide

    After findings the studies on synergism between thiamine and acetazolamide, and their combined use in a number of diseases I became intrigued. Then the wild thought just came out of nowhere - what if thiamine was also a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor but at different isoenzymes and with different...
  15. haidut

    Acetazolamide Plus Thiamine As Treatment Of Mental Conditions

    These studies confirm Ray's view that reduction in oxidative metabolism plays a role in the pathogenesis of these conditions. The combination should be a potent way to lower lactic acid beyond what either agent could do alone. I wonder if it could be a viable alternative to substances like DCA...
  16. haidut

    Acetazolamide and thiamine combination lowers cortisol

    Human study in mental health patients. It looks like the drugs in combination have properties that neither one has alone. ... -423699970 "...Several recent reports indicate that A + T administration may be beneficial for schizophrenia and tardive...
  17. P

    Where To Get Acetazolamide (diamox)

    I have sleep apnea and Peat recommends Acetazolamide. It is not available in the US over the counter. Any ideas where I can order it reliably?
  18. natedawggh

    Acetazolamide & Palpitations

    I have been taking a very small amount of acetazolamide—1/4 a tablet. When I take it, though, it really works wonders until it starts to produce some very noticeable palpitations, specifically where my heart stops for a beat every 3-6 beats for about 30 seconds. It's very uncomfortable. I'm...
  19. kiran


    I've taken 3 of them so far, and it has normalized my IBS (possibly in combination with ondansetron, which I've been taking a little longer) like nothing else. It's a peaty miracle! Maybe. My bowel movement frequency has come down to once a day, which is nice. OTOH now I worry that my IBS was...
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