1. cs3000

    Skin wound healing acceleration

    with clean hands use 100% lanolin on wound, and sprinkle in some colostrum + bromelain + proline powder 1-2 times daily spread out should enhance healing well tested this with someone who had ulceration on skin pretty deep from a spider bite for weeks. (wound from spider bites often delayed)...
  2. haidut

    Millennials Will Likely Die Earlier Than Gen X Due To Poor(er) Health

    This study is perhaps the pearl in the crown of at least 20 studies that have come out over the 2-3 years. It finally states what has been abundantly clear from those prior studies in individual diseases. Namely, there are no young / healthy people any more. Both the Generation X (Gen X) and...
  3. haidut

    SIRT1 Is A Key Promoter Of Leukemia And Other Blood Cancers

    SIRT1 (one of the sirtuin genes) is currently one of the stars in the nutritional/medical blogosphere. As far as back as 2004, SIRT1 was promoted as a key regulator of longevity and activating this gene was marketed as one of the most reliable ways of increasing lifespan. Resveratrol was lauded...
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