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  1. PeskyPeater

    BCM-7 regulates the secretion and expression of gastrointestinal mucins through μ-opioid pathway

    β-Casomorphin-7 regulates the secretion and expression of gastrointestinal mucins through a μ-opioid pathway Abstract We have recently shown that β-casomorphin-7, a milk opioid peptide, strongly stimulates mucin secretion in the rat jejunum through a nervous pathway and opioid receptor...
  2. ARK

    A1 Vs A2 Milk - Is The Devil Really In The Milk?

    Actually Ray likes A2 milk if you can get it and has said that A1 milk may be a reason why many people are sensitive to dairy. Raw milk is ok if you tolerate it ( esp if you can get A2). Most dairy these days that is sold in the store is A1 so if you can find a source of A2 it is worth a try...