1. Mauritio

    Does bromocriptine cause heart issues ?

    This study included several thousand people and followed up with them after 10 years .The chance of developing valvualr heart disease was a tiny bit higher when on bromocriptine (0.34%) compared to the controll group which was 0.29%. "Within 10 years of follow-up, 11 patients (0.34%, 95% CI...
  2. Mauritio

    1-acetyl- LSD, a better LSD-alternative? (aka ALD-52)

    A few days ago I did a post on 2-bromo-LSD as a better LSD alternative . 2-bromo-lsd ,lacks the hallucinogenic effect of LSD ,which might be due to a stronger anti-serotonin effect . The problem is: it is very hard to get and pretty expensive, plus its illegal . Today I stumbled...
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